Based in Vietnam, dieuANH is a fashion label dedicating for new inspirations yet sophisticated elegance toward modern women, for those who value their roots of culture and authenticity yet are open to new experiences, and with an environmentally conscious mind.

Being through various experiments in creativity concepts since its establishment in 2006, dieuANH’s designs are an aesthetic emphasis of connoisseur at clothing for our everyday life.  Along with us, our women are inspired and enjoy their life journeys in different perspectives, embracing all the moves and challenges, treasuring their works or dreams, their reality and culture with the endless spirit of grace and sensible liberty.

A great companion behind our works is the skillful local workers who made and complete our products. We value our quality and creativity, and at the same time ethically respect their works.  We believe high quality craftsmanship has more value than automatic chains; fashion is made to be loved till it lasts. Sustainability is in our hands, it is how we create things and how we keep things.

*to learn more about our designer, Ms. Dieu Anh  - click here.